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Tips For Selecting Skincare Products

When it comes to selecting skincare brands, as consumers, we need to consider more factors than just the brand, the price, the package and the advertising. Canadian consumers are making a shift to ethical products, local products, and health conscious products. We want to know that we are getting the best value for our dollar. Here are some tips to follow when buying skincare products:

  • There is no guarantee that an expensive cream is more effective at fighting wrinkles than a less costly cream. Sometimes spending a lot of money on something gives you a false sense of security, and you incorrectly assume that anything cheaper is not as effective.

  • Be critical of the data and research that claims to support a certain skin care product. Who is conducting the research? Is it a double-blind study? Is the study funded by the company advertising the results? Read the wording very carefully for subjective words and if the results are based on people's opinions and instead of objective measurements.

  • If you are not using a non-prescription wrinkle cream, active ingredients are included at lower dosages than research has proven them to be effective at, and therefore have limited effectiveness, and no guarantee of results. Your lotion may be piggy-backing their claims on research done at higher concentrations than are present in their product.

  • There is no data to prove that adding several active ingredients will be more effective than just one of them. Don't be fooled, because a lotion lists several active ingredients on the label.

  • Most beauty counter products use the phrase with daily use in their advertising or on their bottle, because these products must be used daily for days or weeks before you will see any results, and once you discontinue use your skin will go back to it's previous state. Results are not proven, and not permanent.

  • Our skin is constantly changing. Our hormones change, the seasons change, our diets change, our drinking habits change, sometimes we eat all our children's Easter and Halloween candy..... Yet for many of us, we stick with the same lotion, the same moisture level and all of the sudden one day we notice that we haven't done anything different with our skincare routine, but our skin is irritated, dry, greasy or breaking out. Perhaps our skin has tolerated an irritating ingredient in our current lotion, and after repeated exposure we have started to react to it. Wouldn't it be nice to have a lotion that can be tailored to suit our individual needs?

  • The health of our skin, is a function of our own health. When we are stressed, our skin suffers. When we don't nourish our body, our skin will be affected. Lifestyle choices, such as smoking and alcohol consumption will affect the status of our skin over time. Having the right lotion for your skin, can only bring it to the healthiest status possible in combination with your overall health. Most cosmetic companies completely ignore this aspect and spend billions of dollars on advertising without mentioning that lotion is only a part of the overall appearance of your skin.

  • We are all different. What works for you, may not work for your daughter, your dad, your son, your best friend or your dog.

  • Non-prescription lotions are not allowed to make "claims" on their packaging or in their advertising. They cannot say their lotion reduces wrinkles, however they can say "reduces the appearance of wrinkles". Which basically means its a subjective judgment, based on the opinion of an observer, and not an objective measurement of actually wrinkles disappearing or shrinking. A cosmetic brand can say anything they want as long as they are careful to word it in such a way that it doesn't promise to actually do anything permanent.

Tips For Optimum Skin Health

The appearance of your skin is a function of your overall health. Any cosmetic company that is promising results over and above that, is simply misleading you or temporarily masking negative effects. Avoid excessive sun exposure. Drink water, eat your vegetables, limit sugar, limit alcohol, don't smoke. Take the time to learn about the products you buy. You worked hard to make the money to pay for them! Beauty companies are advertising their products based on what a very small percentage of the volume consists of, and consumers don't even know/care what 95% of the lotion is made of. No one would buy a lotion that advertises: up to 6% rust remover, up to 15% antifreeze and up to 40% petrochemicals, no matter what celebrity is endorsing it. Not only are we buying products like this, we overpaying for them and smearing them all over ourselves and our children without even knowing what the long term possible health implications might be. We are overpaying for cheap ingredients, so that they can pay an airbrushed supermodel $2 000 000 a year to appear in their ads. And we all know, the results those ladies are enjoying are also thanks to the top plastic surgeons in the world, lighting, photoshop and make up artists.

Dr. Lele uses 100% high quality plant based ingredients in their products. Instead of mineral oil, we use products rich in nutrients and higher in cost, such as plant based oils, butters and essential oils. Many plant based products are thought to have positive effects on skin health, and are safe to apply to the body. Instead of using water, we use nutrient rich floral waters, which are the distillate of essential oils. We also use juices of various plants, such as aloe vera. We don't use chemical preservatives. Instead, we hand make the products when you order them, and deliver them to you to ensure that they aren't subjected to extreme temperature changes that would compromise the product. Our products have a shelf life of approximately 3 months, depending on how they are stored. And that's the way we think it should be. We are suspicious of products in the bathroom that can last many years without changing, just as we are of food products that do not go bad.

We are able to include more expensive ingredients inside your lotion, because we are not paying for advertising and gimmicks. What's in Dr. Lele products? All good stuff!

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