Make your very own bath bombs at home with Dr. Lele Workshops Customizable Kits! These include enough ingredients to make 6 4oz bath bombs. You can choose your scent as well as your colour. 



-Dry Ingredients-6 oz Citric Acid, 6 oz Epsom Salt, 12 oz Baking Soda (packaged seperately)

-Wet Ingredients in a spray bottle- Avocado Oil 1/2 oz, mixed with your choice of 1 colour and 1 scent/essential oil 

*Does not include moulds: You can use plastic measuring cups, ice cube trays, muffin or baking tins, plastic containers. Things that are firm with a little bit of flexibility (like plastic, or a tin) work best, glass or ceramic not recommended. 



*Pour all of the dry ingredients into a bowl. Mix well, break up any clumps. 

*Shake spray bottle to mix the contents. Remove the lid from the sprayer and pour the liquid into the bowl with the dry ingredients. Mix well. 

*Fill the spray bottle with luke warm water, spray 2-3 sprays per bath bomb (12-18 sprays for the entire recipe) and stir vigorously until there are no clumps and water is well incorporated. Add water a couple sprays at a time and stir well before adding more water, to ensure that you do not add too much. If the mixture is too wet the bath bombs will foam out of the mould and take a very long time to set.

If the mixture is too dry, the bath bombs will be crumbly and not hold their shape. The perfect texture will form clumps when squeezed much like a pastry dough, but still be slightly dry. Pack tightly into mould, and let it set for approx 10 min or until it feels dry and firm.  


Tips: You can add fun things like sparkles, or flower petals directly into the mould before you put the bath bomb mixture inside for beautiful results. Try adding the water first and the colours after if you wanted to have a marbled appearance. You can even add a small toy into the center of your bath bomb!

Dr. Lele Bath Bomb Kit