Bath Salts are known to reduce pain, inflammation and muscle cramps. Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts, Himalayan Pink Salts, Luxurious Floral Petals and Essential Oils will detoxify, relax and revitalize your skin. Available in 4 combinations:

  • Jasmine Rose Petal Bath Salts: Exotic Fragrant Jasmine Blossoms & Delicate Rose Petals

  • Relaxing Lavender Petal Bath Salts: Relaxing and Calming Lavender, with beautiful bright blue corn flower & lavender petals

  • Pain Relief Bath Salts: Eucalyptus Essential Oil & Leaves dilate the blood vessels allowing more oxygen into the lungs, Rosemary is known to boost mental activity and reduce pain, along with the relaxing scent of Lavender

  • Invigorating Bath Salts: Circulation Stimulating Camphor Bark Oil & Energizing Peppermint Oil with bright blue corn flower petals

*this product is sold in a 250ml glass container, different container pictured

Bath Salts 250ml