Ginger Hair Soap              $10/100g, $90/1000g


Ginger has been used for centuries, all over the world, to help hair grow and prevent hair loss. Ginger Hair Soap is a hand-made soap that is free from silicon oil and harmful chemicals.  It retains the benefits of ginger, while also gently cleansing the scalp and hair, removing dirt and environmental impurities in one simple step.  Ginger hair soap leaves the hair light and soft without the need for conditioner.  Perfect for yourself and everyone in the family.  Give your hair the chance to freely breathe and you'll find lustre you never knew you had beneath the residue of conditioners. You might just find yourself looking in the mirror, at your hair glistening in the sunshine and wonder why you've been complicating hair care so much your entire life.  Made from sesame, walnut, and caster oil; blended with rosemary essential oil.

Hair Balm                      $10 each


Smooth fly-aways and prevent end-split. Finish your hair care with a delicious smell. Made with sesame oil, walnut oil and caster oil. Blended with rosemary essential oil.