Revitalizing moisturizer      $35/50ml, $50/100ml
  • Intensive nutritious and moisturizing formula.  Restore the healthy status of your skin and reduce the signs of aging.  Made with shea butter, hemp seed oil, avocado oil and neroli floral water.  Infused with frankincense and geranium essential oil.


soothing intensive hydration moisturizer  $35/50ml,$50/100ml

  • Intensive moisturizing and calming formula.  Restore moisturizing shields and healthy status of your skin.  Improve dryness and sensitivity.  Made with sweet almond butter, avocado oil, hazelnut oil and rose floral water. Infused with geranium and rosemary essential oil.


balancing moisturizer   $35/50ml,$50/100ml

  • Balancing and moisturizing formula.  Balancing oil secretion in the T-zone and nourishing the drier cheek areas. Made with sweet almond oil, rice bran oil, jojoba oil and witch hazel distillate.  Infused with lavender and ylangylang essential oil. 


Ultimate rejuvenation cream    $50/50ml $80/100ml

  • Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury in natural care.  Rich Macadamia & Hazelnut & Jojoba oil, infused with pomegranate & raspberry seed oil.  Blended with essential oils and nourishing rose-geranium floral water.  You deserve it. 

Hand-made luxury Soap


Rice Face soap $10

  • Rice Avocado Soap made with rice, avocado oil, coconut & olive oil.


french Pink clay soap $10

  • Pink Clay Shea butter Soap made with French pink clay, shea butter, coconut oil & olive oil.

sea salt Exfoliate     $25/120ML

Gently remove dead skin cells, simultaneously providing natural moisture.  Gentle emulsified exfoliate made from lavender essential oil, sea salt and moisture rich botanical oils.  Fine Sea Salt Blend for use on face. 

Serum  $20/20ml, $40/50ml

Custom serum oil blend designed to compliment your unique skin type. Dr. Lele will harmonize selective botanic base oils and essential oils to target your skin's imperfections.

Restorative eye cream  $50/25ml

Dr. Lele Restorative Eye Cream combines the key ingredients of top selling eye creams from the most popular brands. Calming Chamomile Floral Water & Aloe Leaf Juice sooth the delicate skin around your eyes. Coffee Seed Oil is rich in Antioxidants, and stimulates circulation around the eye area to energize your skin. Antioxidants in Pomegranate Seed Oil provide Anti-Aging benefits by limiting the production of free radicals that can damage skin. Raspberry Seed Oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-UV properties, containing the highest concentration of alpha linolenic acid of any fruit seed oil, as well as phytosterols that ease eczema and psoriasis, & antioxidants & vitamin E.

Lip Balm   
$6 sport/$8 beauty


Our all natural lip balms are made from beeswax, sweet almond & cocoa seed butter blended with essential oils to soften and moisturize your lips. 

  • Beauty Lip Balm is blended with lavender essential oil and tinted with natural Mica. 

  • Sport lip balm is blended with soothing peppermint essential oil. 

Luxury toner          $15/100 ml

You will notice instant results with the first application. Nutritious fragrant floral water, and aloe leaf juice are blended with Hyaluronic Acid, which amplifies your skin's ability to absorb moisture, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as eliminating flaking and dry patches.