Our company began like many Canadian stories do... at a hockey rink.  Two busy moms, helping drive each other's sons to hockey.  Along with a "thank you" there were exchanges of homemade products ranging from muffins and dumplings to homemade lotions, lip balms and soaps. One thing led to another and we decided to start a business! Our passion is creating luxurious, healthy, natural skincare products without the use of preservatives. 

Dr. Lele received her PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Alberta.  Dissatisfied by the results of using retail-brand skin care products, Lele decided to utilize her knowledge in applied chemistry, as well as her expertise in clinical laboratory settings to create her very own line of natural handmade skincare products. In 2011, Lele began experimenting with soap making using high quality natural ingredients. Before long she had developed an entire face and body line made without the use of preservatives and harmful chemicals, that had the best results she had ever experienced. Lele enjoys using her knowledge of chemistry and pharmacology to instruct people how to use and make natural skincare products, to reveal their most beautiful skin ever. 

Brianne Boldt is a mother of three children who all have very sensitive skin. After trying everything on the market, she was amazed that Lele's products allowed her to throw away the harmful cortisone creams she relied on, after decades of use.  After doing research into the common retail brand ingredients, Brianne found that many products include ingredients that actually are the root of many skin problems, because the profit has become more important than creating quality products for many companies. Brianne saw Dr. Lele Skincare as a shift in the way we think about skincare, by becoming more aware of the things we put on our skin, and our overall health. 

Dr. Lele’s Skincare line specializes in hand-crafted, customizable, luxury face, body, and hair care products.  All formulas are specifically designed and developed by Dr. Lele Chen, and made in small batches, to take advantage of the positive benefits and interactions of natural ingredients, aiming to restore and improve the state of the skin and hair. The skin serves as the largest organ in the human body.  It plays a vital role in our appearance, as well as protecting our bodies from harmful environmental aggressors that could compromise our health.  The skin has the ability to absorb much of what is applied onto it.  Therefore, it becomes very important to know and be aware of what is in everything we put on our face, body, or hair.  Dr. Lele believes that the function of skincare is to nourish the skin, and that is best achieved by using products with natural ingredients that the body considers similar and can recognize and safely absorb.  Dr. Lele takes a healthier approach, for a "greener", more aware generation of skincare users.  All our products are made from natural biomass extracts and essential oils.   All of Dr. Lele's products are natural and safe, which means that they’re made WITHOUT synthetic or petroleum-based chemicals, preservatives, cheap additives, hormone disruptors, heavy metals, pesticides, flame retardants, toxic solvents, harmful volatile organic compounds, or other harmful unpronounceable ingredients that you will find in popular retail brands.  Take a look at the labels and see for yourself.  Ample data from scientific research links these chemical compounds found in many skincare products to infertility, cancer and toxicity.  They are not safe for human consumption, perhaps therefore should not be applied to the skin.